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Aloe Family Initiatives


Dributts Partnerships: Dributts is a partner organization who teaches and hires locals how to make re-usable diapers at a fair trade price. These diapers are then given out for free to community members who can't afford the cost of Diapers.

Refugee Professional Skills: Each month we teach local refugee adults and teens trades and business classes, and walk beside them as they learn the basics to having their own business.

English for Emerging Leaders: Through online tutoring and in person tutoring, we are working with those in Nashville and in Mexico to prepare for practical English use in school and at work.


We believe that having healthy minds and bodies is the first step towards empowered lives reaching the potential that God intended.  Each week we provide fresh groceries to those in need, and offer spiritual and emotional support to those who are in need of family, faith and friends. 

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Each one of our programs joins with refugee families and individuals in Nashville and internationall to empower them towards brighter futures.