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Annual Fund Contribution
Why A Monthly Gift?

A monthly, sustaining charitable gift to The Downtown School enables you to spread your charitable giving throughout the year rather than making one lump-sum payment. In addition, sustaining gifts provide The Downtown School with an ongoing, predictable gift that is of great help with our budgeting and planning. Please consider making your gift in the form of a monthly, sustaining contribution.

You will also have the option below to make a one-time gift rather than a monthly gift.

If you would like to make a one-time gift in addition to a monthly gift, you will have the opportunity to add your one-time gift after you have set up your monthly gift. Thank you!

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My employer provides matching funds for my gift. I will forward the matching gift form and requirement to The Downtown School.
Payment Method and Security

ACH (bank transfer), credit card, or check?  Of course, we are thankful for all gifts, regardless of payment method. Making your charitable gift by ACH (bank transfer) offers the greatest “bang for your buck” to our school. When The Downtown School receives gifts via ACH, we do not have to pay a credit card processing fee of approximately 3% of the gift. Also, sustaining/monthly gifts via credit card are subject to problems when your credit card expires or is shut down due to a security issue. Checks require you to respond to an invoice each month as well as use an envelope and postage.

What about security?  Our ACH and credit card online gifts are processed by ProPay, a leading provider of credit card and ACH (bank transfer) processing. Should you want to know more about ProPay’s technology and security, you can find that information here.

Additional Gift Information

 Your gift to The Downtown School is tax deductible to the extent provided by law.