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Membership Event - Hosted by Julie Mazza Softcheck and Samantha Mazza

Time 6:30 pm 

Address:  63 Maryland Avenue, West Long Branch 

Whether you’d like to hear more about Impact or get out to meet with some great women from your community, please RSVP and mark your calendars.

Impact 100 Jersey Coast was started in 2015 with the mission is to raise awareness of our community’s most pressing needs and fund transformational grants to high-impact projects addressing those needs. It is a diverse group of women who each donate $1,100 on an annual basis. Each member's tax-deductible contribution is pooled into a larger grant fund and awarded to local nonprofits that are voted upon by the entire membership. At Impact each woman chooses her level of participation; you can get very involved or simply attend the annual membership meeting to vote for that year's grant recipients. Combining not only the charitable dollars but the experience and energy of a diverse group of local women, Impact 100 Jersey Coast is a unique coalition and powerful force for change in our community.

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