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By submitting this entire application, I affirm that all facts set forth are true and complete. I acknowledge that international travel conditions can change and risk is inherent in any travel experience. I also acknowledge the need for flexibility and respect of team leader requests in this setting.


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Due to the nature of our work and the populations we work with (largely made up of children), FOP cannot accept individuals who have a criminal background. By signing the volunteer agreement, you certify that you do not have a criminal history. If you have been convicted of a crime that you feel is not related to the educational service of children, you may confidentially disclose that information to the Executive Director of Friends of Pimpollo and she/he can make a determination of your suitability to participate.


Please include name of reference, relationships, phone number, and email address.

Please include name of reference, relationships, phone number, and email address.

Reasons for Volunteering

Team Volunteer Policy & Expectations


Our mission, as a volunteer organization, is to develop and support education based projects and programs focused on poor children and their families of Mexican heritage. We are committed to providing unconditional love and support, improving their lives, and helping them move towards a better future and self-sufficiency through education. We will do this by creating a bridge that connects them with volunteers and donors who want the opportunity to contribute, grow and change. At Friends of Pimpollo, our belief is that education is the key to effecting change in the world. Our work strives to promote opportunities through education in Southern Mexico. We not only focus on providing material resources, but we work to be present in the lives of those we serve. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported by the generous contributions of our donors. All donations are tax deductible. To learn about our specific programs, please visit:

Guiding Principles

1. Nurturing relationships between communities Friends of Pimpollo, based in Salem, Oregon is a unique group of committed individuals. As a central part of its work, FOP sends teams on a regular basis to Southern Mexico to develop and nurture relationships with the children, students and families that are supported by FOP programs. Individuals who go to Southern Mexico for long periods of time have a unique opportunity and responsibility to represent FOP while in the communities. Volunteers are encouraged to stay involved with FOP even after they have returned home, and to share what they have learned with their own communities.

2. Abandoned children need stability Pimpollo Home for Children and our other programs will likely always depend on the support of temporary volunteers. However, this can be difficult for children who develop relationships with those volunteers, especially children who have already been abandoned. FOP hopes to send volunteers who are sensitive to this special need of stability in the roles they take on at Pimpollo and other locations. Also, FOP seeks to send volunteers who have the specialized skills and abilities needed to help move Pimpollo and other programs forward.


A volunteer sent through FOP is a representative of FOP to the communities of Southern Mexico. Out of respect for the unique situation and values of Pimpollo and other programs, and FOP’s ongoing relationship to these programs, we have several specific expectations of behavior for our volunteers. Many individuals in the programs in Mexico are involved in and are, for the most part, coming from a Catholic faith tradition. Volunteers are expected to be sensitive to and respectful of the religious aspects of life at Pimpollo and other program locations.

A. Alcohol and Drug Use Alcohol abuse is a significant problem in many areas. It is especially important that volunteers model responsible behavior with alcohol. FOP ask that volunteers do not drink while around children, students or families involved in FOP programs, or arrive to work under the influence of alcohol. Further, volunteers should 4 FRIENDS(OF(PIMPOLLO((FOP)(TEAM(VOLUNTEER APPLICATION be wise and responsible about their drinking while in the communities. Volunteers should also not operate motor vehicles while intoxicated. Use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated.

B. No Romantic Relationships Friends of Pimpollo does not permit its volunteers to date, or have romantic relationships with the youth of Pimpollo or those involved in FOP programs. FOP has a zero tolerance policy for any abuse or inappropriate interactions with the children of Pimpollo or members of other programs by volunteers.

C. Staying at Pimpollo and other program locations Out of respect for the Catholic beliefs of the community of Pimpollo and the relationship of FOP to Pimpollo and all other programs, volunteers who are staying at Pimpollo or on-site at other programs should not stay in the same room with other volunteers or visitors of the opposite sex (other than family or spouses).

Future Support of FOP

Friends of Pimpollo is an organization built through the good work of volunteers like you. Our programs depend on community donations and participation. We hope that you will participate with annual events and invite your friends and community to our events in order to support the sustainability, development, and longterm maintenance of the educational work and programs of Friends of Pimpollo. Volunteer Agreement I have read the above criteria and expectations and agree to follow them while in my service at FOP program locations in southern Mexico.

Medical Release

By submitting this form, I authorize the release of my medical information to Friends of Pimpollo.