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What were the deciding factors to become a student? For instance, were you looking for an advanced curriculum, a more supportive community, or were you facing challenges that NOVA spoke to?

You could discuss what classes or teachers you loved and why, what made an impression on you, challenges you were able to overcome, and a specific memory you have.

What are you doing and how do you think NOVA helped you get there? Are you in school, or working, or traveling? Is your experience at NOVA somehow currently supporting you?

Share a picture with us—it could be a selfie, an action shot, or a milestone moment. Have fun with it!

You're Almost Done—Just A Couple Follow-up Questions.

Would you be willing to share your experiences at a NOVA Preview to prospective students, or come in to talk to current students about your career, or otherwise help out?
Find out about what's happening at your alma mater—see inside the classroom, hear about events, and learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

You've come back in a dream and have just 1 minute to make a lasting impression on your young self. What words of wisdom would you impart?
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