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Alberta Main Street’s Equitable Placemaking Historical Markers Outreach Project seeks to collect stories that document the history of the African American community on Alberta Street. Stories will be included on the Alberta Main Street website, and selected story(ies) will inform the creation of historical and cultural markers to be installed on Alberta Street between NE 10th – 31st Avenues.

All stories are welcome and, with consent from the story teller, will be made publicly available on the Alberta Main Street website. We are particularly interested in the following:

  • Stories from current or former King, Vernon, Sabin or Concordia residents whose lives and families have been impacted by social and economic changes in the area.
  • Stories about historically significant events on or impacting Alberta Street.
  • Stories that recollect a personally significant event or experience on Alberta Street.
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Informed Consent and Copyright Permission

Informed Consent and Copyright Permission for stories, images, personal documents, and use by Alberta Main Street. In order for the material provided by you to be deposited in the Alberta Street Stories Collection, it is necessary for you to review and agree to the following terms and conditions.

I understand that the following material may be created as part of the interview process:

  • An edited transcript, abstract, short descriptive essay, and/or recording
  • Copies of personal documents of my choosing 

I herein freely share my story and other material with Alberta Main Street under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This means that I retain the copyright to my material, but that the public may freely copy, modify, and share these items for non-commercial purposes under the same terms if they include original source information. 

I understand that material resulting from this project enter Alberta Main Street's collection, and I consent to let them be made available for use consistent with the organization's mission, including but not limited to use whole or in part in exhibitions, public programs, documentary films, radio broadcasts, and publications in all formats and media, including on the Internet. 

I further understand that I will have the opportunity to review and edit a final transcript of my story before it is made available and that before that time portions may be published online to demonstrate project progress.

In order for the material provided by you to be included in the Equitable Placemaking Historical Markers Outreach Project, it is necessary for you agree to the terms and conditions described above.