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The Coalition for Responsible Home Education relies on a network of supporters across the country who share their stories or their time. Become part of our team! 

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Who We Are

We are the only homeschool advocacy organization founded and run by individuals who were homeschooled. We believe that homeschooling can be a positive, child-centered educational option; we also believe that children have rights, and that those rights should be safeguarded. Our unapologetically child-centered approach can put us at odds with homeschooling organizations that adopt a parent absolutist framework.

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You can support CRHE in a number of different ways!

If you were homeschooled or have homeschooled, please reference your experience.
Write about why you support CRHE, based on your personal experience, in a 500-1000 word essay for our website (pseudonyms allowed).
CRHE Advocates speak with reporters or lawmakers about their experience with homeschooling when the need arises (pseudonyms allowed).
Our volunteers work remotely on everything from social media to research. We work to match volunteers with projects of interest to them.

For example, education, work experience, areas where you are self-taught.

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Another way you can support CRHE is by becoming a monthly donor. Even just $5 a month is extremely helpful! And if you can give more, that's amazing too. CRHE is supported entirely by individual donations from people like you.

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