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At the Highlights Foundation, our heads are full of words.

Words that pack a wallop.

Words that wallow.

Words that whisper or wamble or waltz or warble.

Soothing words.

Frightening words.

Quirky words.

Somber words.


And we all have a favorite, or two or three.

Now there’s a way to share your favorite word with others: have your word inscribed on a stone and added to the collection in the Word Garden. For a $75 contribution, we will engrave your special word on a rock for all posterity. We’ll find a rock for you on the Boyds Mills property, or you can send us a special rock from your hometown. Proceeds from the Word Garden go toward supporting the Highlights Foundation Scholarship Fund. With your support, the Word Garden speaks volumes.


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We’d love to know why you’ve chosen this word (or words), if you’d care to share.