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Thriving Marriage Date Night 3 (Recording)

Understanding Your Marriage Dance

We’ve all heard the phrase, “give and take,” and many wives might say, “I give, he takes.” But what if the marriage dance we need to do isn’t give and take, but joy and rest? Learning and implementing these key elements into your marriage make for an easy give and take that both spouses can enjoy.
What You'll Recieve:
  • 2 Session Recordings (Approximately 90 minutes each)
  • Session 1 Topics
    • Using your relational superpower
    • Sharing joy
    • Maximizing oxytocin
    • Hug and sniff
  • Session 2 Topics
    • Attuning attachment signals
    • Attachment practice
    • Harmonizing heart rhythms
    • Blessing and massage
  • A variety of Skill Practices which Chris and Jen will lead you through as a couple
  • A PDF Handout which includes:
    • The event slides
    • Practice Instructions
    • An outline of the 19 Relational Skills

*This Registration is for the recording of Date Night #3 which aired on Friday, December 4th.

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