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g2 Capital Campaign

Gratitude Generation has established a strong community, deep relationships with schools and other nonprofit organizations, and a consistent, robust, meaningful calendar of six to nine events per month to serve local communities -- inspiring gratitude and thus creating happier, healthier families across Chicagoland.

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Now it’s time for a new substantial goal, and here’s where we ask for your partnership in taking Gratitude Generation to next-level impact where the organization no longer operates out of home offices and a storage unit. Gratitude Generation has launched a capital campaign for a five-year lease at $110,000.


How will you help support the g2HQ capital campaign?

$ Support 1 day per month: $60 monthly recurring donation
$ Support 1 month: $1,850
$ Support 1 year: $22,200

We are extremely grateful for your support in this endeavor, as Gratitude Generation is poised to have continued growth and tremendous impact on both the communities in need who benefit from the programming and also you and your family – your community and those around you – who can participate, engage and help foster a world where service-minded attitudes of gratitude are the norm in our children.

Last year, g2 programming touched the lives of nearly 28,000 people. Our new g2HQ will strengthen the organization even more and ensure that impact continues to grow.

Please be a part of it with us.