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NHFA July 2023 Webinar

Download the recording from our July 2023 Webinar! This 90-minute event was led by Jordan Rose. The topic was "Protecting Identity in Death: A Guide for Queer / Trans / Nonbinary+ Folx and those who care for them."



In this webinar, we will look at the ways the legal system, healthcare, and culture intersect  when caring for LGBTQIA2S+ individuals. We will cover basic definitions, next of kin structure, who gets a say in your services, and take a look at some cases of trans and non-binary decedents. We will also talk about ways to be a good ally and create a welcoming and inclusive environment in your death practices.

Register to attend this event live on July 10th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET, or to receive a link to the recording (which will be sent out one week following the event.


Jordan L. Rose (she/her) is a licensed funeral director and embalmer and end-of-life doula living in Chicago, IL. She is on a mission to put the rights of individuals at the end of their lives back into their hands. She is vocal about creating inclusive death practices that hold up marginalized voices. When she's not talking about death and dying, she's playing Dungeons and Dragons or redecorating her apartment...again.

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