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Beyond Survival: the Key to Thriving in a Pandemic Post-Event Recording

This is a stressful season for all of us: pandemics, politics, not to mention the tensions and challenges we face in our own homes! THRIVEtoday's President, Chris Coursey, has the answer to breathing and coming out the other side of these difficult and stressful times.

Join Chris for this 4 Session Recording as he shares critical insight into how our brains function in times of crisis and what to do about it. You will have the opportunity to practice skills to help you build resilience and relational health no matter what your circumstances.

What's Included:

  • 4 Sessions (approximately 1 hour each)
    • Session 1 - Enhancing Your Brain's Relational Engine. Learn what your relational engine is and how to enhance it
    • Session 2 - CARS Brings us Together. Learn how to build connection and gage your own relational state
    • Session 3 - Packaged Joy Fuels our Relational Engine. Learn how to build appreciate and get out of enemy mode.
    • Session 4 - Rest Supercharges Your Relational Engine. Learn why rest is important and how to recognize when you need it. 
  • Pause and Reflect Moments
  • Skill Practices 
  • PDF Handbook which includes:
    • The slides
    • Instructions for the pause and reflections and the practices
    • An outline of the 19 Relational Skills

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