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Second Floor Stair Hall Conservation Matching Fund

Help us reach our fundraising goal! A gift of any amount brings us closer to our goal of $148,043 to match a generous federal grant to conserve and restore the painted surfaces of the second floor Stair Hall in the Mansion.

About the Project

Victoria Mansion boasts some of the most important decoratively painted interiors surviving from before the Civil War, and represents the last intact commission by artist Giuseppe Guidicini (1810-1868). Following the successful conservation of several individual rooms within the Mansion including the Turkish Smoking Room, Reception Room, Pompeiian Bathroom Suite, and Parlor, we are now conserving and restoring the largest and most public space in the house: the Stair Hall. Conservation of the first floor is well underway, and we need our community's support to help us continue this important work on the second floor.


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