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Thank you for wanting to make a difference and join our newly formed science advocacy family. Science matters in Georgia and joining our community will help build evidence-based tomorrows. 

By joining as a member, know that Science for Georgia will never sell your information and never share it without your permission. We encourage you to opt to join the AAAS Georgia Local Science Engagement Network as well while you are here.

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About the AAAS Local Science Engagement Network (LSEN)

All civic engagement activities associated with the LSEN shall be conducted with respect. LSEN Advocates shall represent science responsibly and accurately to the best of their abilities. LSEN does not support lobbying in support or opposed to specific legislation. Rather, we recommend that LSEN Advocates seek opportunities to act as ‘honest brokers’ in elevating science, evidence, and analysis for informational purposes in policy deliberations and community discussion. LSEN Advocates are responsible for notifying the proper personnel at their institution of any interaction with government officials and be aware of institutional policies related to these activities.

By joining you agree to share your information with AAAS and you agree to the LSEN code of conduct described above.

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