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Challenger RSVP for 2019 Gala Guests 

Enter the full names of all of your guests below.  Please provide as many guest email addresses and cell numbers as you are able.  While not required on this form, by providing them you will help speed check-in and the processing of Wish Brick sales the night of the Gala.

Note: If you don't have all of your guest names now, you may enter more names later.  Please use the same Challenger #1 First Name, Last Name, and Email Address on subsequent entries - then enter other guest names in any of the fields for Guest 3 through Guest 10.

If some of your tickets will remain unused, leave the name field blank.  

Challenger Contact Information

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Gala RSVPs for your Guests

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Unused tickets?

Unused tickets may be returned to the school and will be given to NHS teachers.  Or, if you know some of your tickets will remain unused, please enter the number below and these spots will be allocated for teachers.  No need to return the tickets.  Thank you!