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Friends of Felines (FOF) is committed to the wellbeing of each cat and kitten entrusted to our care. Our adoption process is designed to select the best match for each cat and their future family. 

At FOF we pledge to be roadblock free, and we will not discriminate potential adopters based on ethnicity, race, age, gender, type of residence or income level. We will require landlord approval if you rent your place of residence. 

This application is avaliable in Spanish upon request.

Esta aplicación está disponible en español a pedido. 

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*Please note that expressed written consent from a property management company or landlord will be required if you rent your residence. All adopters must be at least 18 years of age and the homeowner or parent must be present during the adoption.

If applicable, please provide documents that show you are allowed to have pets in your rental.
We will require valid photo ID.

Let's Learn About Your Household!

Declawing is the elective surgical amputation of the last bone and toenail of each toe.
I acknowledge that cats and kittens have a natural instinct and need to scratch on surfaces to help with toenail maintenance. I will provide appropriate scratching surfaces to meet their enrichment & physical needs. I understand that any cat may still scratch or damage furniture or carpet, even when given other options.

(Pet sitter, neighbor, friends, etc. Please note that taking the animal with you on vacation may not be the best option)
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This is someone who you trust to care for your pet if you were to go away on vacation and your cat ends up lost & found. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please update your contact information with the microchip registry if you have a change to your home address or phone number.

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*Please note that we are happy to provide recommendations for local veterinary offices. Please type "I need a vet" in the field below for more information.
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