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How to Determine Your Region
  • Central Gulf Coast (CGC): New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Louisiana
  • Eastern (EUS): Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia
  • Midwest (MWR): Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio & Missouri
  • Pacific Northwest (PNW): Washington, Oregon, Idaho & Alaska
  • Pacific Southwest (PSW): California, Nevada, Arizona & Hawaii
  • Rocky Mountain (RMR): Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, Colorado & Kansas
  • Southeast (SER): Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina & Florida
Membership Types
  • Handler: Volunteer with their dogs to deploy to crises and disasters.
  • Team Leader: Supervise and support dog/handler teams during crisis and disaster deployments.
  • Associate: Volunteer unique skills and talents to support the work of HOPE AACR, without deploying to crises or disasters.


Examples include but are not limited to: Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Love on a Leash, or Pet Partners.

Click here to upload a photo of your AAT badge or AAT membership acceptance letter. PDFs are also accepted.