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Student Art Gallery Reservation Request Form

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School & Artwork Information

The student art gallery located on the lower level of the museum consists of 4 large display boards. The inner dimensions, excluding the frame, are roughly 47"h x 83"w for each board. Artworks are attached with pins. If you have any special requirements for your exhibit, please include them with the submitted artwork, and/or in the field below. It is also encouraged that you include up to 4 informational labels to accompany your display. These labels may simply identify the school or may have additional information about the artwork.

Available Dates

Please complete the form below if you are interested in reserving a display time for the 2023/2024 school year. Exhibits are changed monthly with a few exceptions. Work may be dropped off up to one week prior to the install date and retrieved up to one week after the take down date. Work will not be held beyond that date without communication. 2023/2024 Dates September 11 - October 29 (Pick up work by November 5th) October 30 - November 26 (Pick up work by December 3) November 27 - December 30 (Pick up work by January 7) January 1 - January 28 (Pick up work by February 4) January 29 - March 3 (Pick up work by March 10) March 4 - March 31 (Pick up work by April 7) April 1 - April 28 (Pick up work by May 5) April 29 - May 26 (Pick up work by June 3) May 27 - June 30 (Pick up work by July 7) July 1 - September 1 (Pick up work by Sept 8) In the fields below, please enter your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice dates in the fields below.

Drop off is available during regular museum hours. The museum is open 10am - 4pm Tuesday - Saturday and 12pm - 4pm on Sunday.

Pick up is available during regular museum hours. The museum is open 10am - 4pm Tuesday - Saturday and 12pm - 4pm on Sunday.
Once a display arrangement has been agreed upon it is the responsibility of the school representative to prepare the artwork for display, communicate the number of complimentary student museum passes needed, drop off the work and pick up the work. While every effort will be made to ensure the safety of the artwork, the museum is not responsible for any loss or damage to the work that may occur while it is on display or in the possession of museum. Upon request, the school representative may arrange to install or de-install the display themselves or with the assistance of students.