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Class of 2020 Participant Commitment Form

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I will actively participate!


Congratulations on being selected to participate in Leadership Pasadena. Class members will engage with a network of peers, serve important causes in the Pasadena region, hone their leadership within a community context, and enhance connectivity with community, government and business leaders.

Leadership Pasadena is a non-profit organization and raises funds to support its operations. In essence, when you commit to this course you are committing to be a good steward of the resources the community invests in you.

Requirements for successful completion of the Leadership Pasadena Program:

  • Attend a minimum of 80% of the program sessions. Participants who miss more than 2.5 sessions jeopardize their eligibility to graduate. If you know you will miss a session, you must send an email to Carolina Caro at

  • Participants will be responsible for documenting the sessions they attend with the Leadership Pasadena Facilitator.

  • Attendance and participation in the Leadership Pasadena Team Building Retreat held on Oct. 5-6, 2018 at Brandies Bardin Campus in Simi Valley.

  • Active engagement and participation in the Community Project.

Also I will arrive on time for all sessions in respect for my fellow classmates, the facilitator and our speakers. 

By signing this form, I affirm my commitment to participate fully in the program to benefit myself, my class members, and our community. I commit to complying with all the course requirements.

This document may be signed digitally, and this digital signature shall be binding as if executed with an original signature been affixed hereto.

I am committed to making an investment of my time and talent to build up the greater Pasadena area just as others have invested in my class.

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