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Reserve a free ticket to the showings of new works conceived by Matthew Paul Olmos and Nehassaiu deGannes as part of The Assembly's Deceleration Lab, a new initiative for artists to lead new theatrical projects that use and experiment with multi-perspective, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative models of creation. Thanks for joining us in the sharing and celebration of their work!


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Both showings begin at 7PM EST / 4PM PST

Matthew Paul Olmos: You Will Swim Oceans

You Will Swim Oceans is a theatrical piece in which a Mexican father attempts to teach a Caucasian mother a song for children, which was passed down in his family. Though the teaching of this song, we explore the perceived ownership of cultural identity and legacy, as well the fear which clouds the air between us as we attempt to embrace change as a country. The piece features an original composition by April Dawn Guthrie, is directed by Larissa Lury, and features Bernardo Cubria and Danielle Slavick

Monday 12/14 at 7PM EST / 4PM PST


Nehassaiu deGannes: EBB & lo' (working title)

What If Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s father forbade her & all her siblings (brothers & sisters) from marrying, because he knew there was a black Jamaican ancestor or two swimming in their blood? EBB & lo' is a devised exegesis of love & (Caribbean) blackness, race & repatriation, taboo, erasure, literary genius, distance & otherness. 

Saturday 12/19 at 7PM EST / 4PM PST