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Pride Festival Vendor Application 2022

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at the Great Lakes Bay Pride Festival on Saturday, June 25, 2022, at Wenonah Park in downtown Bay City.

Please complete the following form to submit your application. Payment is due upon submission. Vendor spaces are limited and subject to the discretion of Great Lakes Bay Pride. If you are not selected to participate in the festival this year, a full refund will be issued to the original payment method.


Please enter your business or organization name exactly as it should appear in print and for promotional purposes.
Contact Information

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Please enter the phone number of the contact that will be on-site at the event. Cell phone preferred.

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Required only for anyone conducting sales at their booth.

Required only for anyone conducting sales at their booth.

Ex. literature about resources, books ($10-$20), clothing ($15-$65), etc.
Waiver of Liability

My business/organization hereby promises to appear, defend and hold Great Lakes Bay Pride, their committee members, The State Theatre, The City of Bay City, their officials, employees, and agents harmless against any and all claims for personal injury, bodily injury, including death or property damage which may arise directly or indirectly from their participation in the event. Great Lakes Bay Pride Festival held on Saturday, June 25, 2022, including any and all costs for personal injury, bodily injury, or property damage for which a claim or demand is asserted, whether such claim is frivolous or made in good faith. Such indemnification shall include any and all costs and expenses including but not limited to court costs and fees, attorney fees, witness fees, expert fees, damages, and interest which may be incurred by or assessed against Great Lakes Bay Pride, their committee members and affiliates.

Vendor Terms & Conditions
  1. Booth locations will be assigned when the application and full payment is received.
  2. Great Lakes Bay Pride Festival will offer a limited number of vendor spaces.
  3. Spaces are granted as determined by Great Lakes Bay Pride and/or order of application receipt. If a duplicated vendor product application is received the latter application and payment will be returned.
  4. Official exhibit hours are Saturday, June 25, 2022, 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Exhibitors may begin setting up at 9 a.m., festival opens to the public at 11:00 a.m.
  5. Application and payment must be received before May 31, 2022. New applications will not be accepted after that date.
  6. The Great Lakes Bay Pride Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse vendor/exhibitor space at its own discretion.
  7. All business or other activities must be conducted in designated areas. No distribution or solicitation of any kind may be done by strolling through the event without written agreement from GLBP Festival Committee.
  8. Each vendor space is approximately 10’ x 10’. Vendors/Exhibitors will be provided with one (1) 8ft. banquet table plus two (2) folding chairs at no additional charge. Additional tables and chairs are available by request for a nominal fee. Vendor spaces are assigned under the pavilion at Wenonah Park. Please do not bring your own canopy, unless requested in advance and approved.
  9. Vendors/Exhibitors are responsible for the safety and security of their designated vendor spaces, event security will be on-site to maintain the general event grounds.
  10. All supplies for your booth must fit within the space that has been reserved and assigned.
  11. The vendor area does not guarantee an electrical hook-up. Please alert us if electricity is needed for your space.
  12. If you are selling goods, all prices must be visible and legible to event attendees.
  13. All Vendors/Exhibitors must dispose of trash in approved containters. More information will be provided at the event.
  14. The Great Lakes Bay Pride Festival Committee reserves the right to prohibit the sale or display of any item(s) that may be illegal, obscene, or pornographic as deemed by local, state, and federal laws.
  15. Music in the Vendor/Exhibitor area must not interfere with event activities and entertainment.
  16. Vendors/Exhibitors are responsible for any damages caused by themselves and/or employees/volunteers to other Vendors/Exhibitors and/or to the event and grounds.
  17. The Great Lakes Bay Pride Festival is not responsible for any lost or stolen items or for any equipment owned, rented, or otherwise possessed by Vendors/Exhibitors.
  18. The Great Lakes Bay Pride Festival cannot guarantee Vendor/ Exhibitor sales or profits.
  19. Vendors/Exhibitors will receive a confirmation notice alerting them that the Great Lakes Bay Pride Committee has received their application. If a confirmation notice has not been received within one (1) week of application submission, please contact us at to verify it was received.
  20. No individual profit-gaining raffles or donations are allowed at vendor/exhibitor spaces.
  21. It is the responsibility of all Vendors/Exhibitors to pay the appropriate fees and taxes to the applicable government entity. If a Vendor/Exhibitor is forced to close because of a lack of necessary permits and/or licenses, the Great Lakes Bay Pride Festival will not be held liable and will not refund fees or deposits.
  22. The applicant acknowledges that should the location change for the event, all rules and fees remain in effect at the new location.
  23. No refunds. No exceptions. Fees may be applied to a future event only if Great Lakes Bay Pride is forced to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances.
  24. All Vendors/Exhibitors must comply with copyright laws and licensing regulations.
  25. Fire & Safety Inspection: The City of Bay City fire marshal may be on-site performing inspections. Any Vendor/ Exhibitor who does not comply with the fire code adopted by the City of Bay City will receive a citation and can immediately be shut down and removed from the event unless the citation is remedied and approved by the City of Bay City, fire marshal and/or their designee. In addition, the vendor is held responsible for financial remuneration of citation fine and projected loss of sales to the event. Please contact the City of Bay City Fire Department pertaining to fire code safety rules.
  26. Food vendors must comply with all requirements set forth by the Bay County Health Department and are subject to inspection by Health Department officials prior to operating at the Great Lakes Bay Pride. Vendors are responsible for all communications and licensing pertaining to their operation at this event, including but not limited to the City of Bay City food truck licensing requirement.
  27. This agreement is the final writing and supersedes any prior negotiations.
Electrical Needs

Limited electrical outlets will be available in the vendor pavilion. Great Lakes Bay Pride does not guarantee electricity availability. If your setup requires electricity, please contact us at