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I'd like to travel to Honduras on a volunteer medical team!

This lets us know you want in on the latest and greatest info about the next team/teams.  If we dont reach out to you soon to debrief on all the deets to help you decide to commit or not, don't hesitate to call or email us.  We have just 3 part time staff- 2 in Missoula and 1 (she does the work of 7) in Honduras- AND we want to help you go on a trip so be persistant.  

This helps us know what role you can fill on a team-medical, nursing, Interpreter, etc. AND gives us an idea of how many fluent speakers we have for any one team.



Please know 

1.  We are so pleased to have interested volunteers-thank you!

2.  If placed on a roster you will be asked to commit to fundraising a minimum of $800 and help sell 5 $50 tickets for the annual MMA Salsa Ball Fundraiser.

3.  You will also be responsible for your own travel booking and costs to and from the XPL Comayagua Airport in Honduras.

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