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By choosing to donate and support our mission, you are contributing to crucial community-based efforts. For over five decades, Sound Pathways has been a beacon of hope and healing, providing safe avenues towards healthy solutions for families and individuals in Snohomish County who are at risk due to alcohol or substance use disorders and mental health challenges.

Our offerings include:

  • Evidence-based programs and services that encourage recovery and lasting sobriety
  • Thorough case management services
  • Sustained housing support

Sound Pathways is dedicated to serving clients free of charge. Your generous donation allows Sound Pathways to continue supplying these essential resources to those in need, equipping them with the tools and support required to overcome obstacles and create a better future. By investing in our mission, you're not only transforming individual lives but also reinforcing the entire community. Together, we can foster lasting change and cultivate a healthier, safer environment for all residents of Snohomish County.

We sincerely appreciate your support and your commitment to this vital work.


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