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2024 MECT Boo Bird - Rarified Air

Tuesday, May 7th at 7pm (doors open at 5pm)

On December 31, 2023, Gino Ellison completed a Big Year. If you’re not a birder, that might not be on your radar: the American Birding Association Big Year is an annual contest and enormous undertaking where birders travel all over the United States in an effort to log as many bird sightings as they can in a calendar year. Gino is a passionate birder, an avid photographer, and a Northshore local, and he managed to cross the United States to see over 800 distinct species of birds in his Big Year, an astounding feat!

We are so excited to have Gino pinned down in one place to get the answer to a few questions:

How many species can you really see in one year, and how do you go about planning it? Why does anyone want to do a Big Year? How do you plan the logistics to ensure that each of the important States are visited at the most opportune times for migration and nesting? How do birders prove that they saw each and every species?

Come and learn about the successes, the mishaps, and the lessons learned along the way as Gino recounts his, often, hilarious tales of his very own extraordinarily Big Year! Be warned, you just might be inspired to plan a Big Year for yourself. The presentation will include Gino’s stunning photographs and recordings he made in the field.

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