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CLE Bee 7-Volunteer Sign-Up

Thanks for signing up to be a volunteer at annual CLE Bee! We are excited to be in-person this year. Below are the job descriptions. Please select the one that best fits you and the time slot you prefer. If you have any questions, please contact McKenzae Bartels,


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Team Coordinators
Team Coordinators will check in team members as they arrive and get them lined up and ready before they enter the competition area. At check-in they give the teams their name tag lanyards with two drink tickets and a t-shirt. They will tell them what swarm they are in, and when to line-up in the “On-Deck” area. Coordinators will line-up teams and make sure all are present before they walk on stage. They can answer any last minute questions about rules and process as teams are lined up. Coordinators will give team members their table tent that identifies them to the audience. Coordinators will tell the first 3 teams to sit at the tables on the riser. The rest will fill in on the floor level.
Table Sweepers
At the end of each round, as teams are exiting the stage, Table Sweepers will follow behind and reset tables. Scrap paper that has been written on, drink glasses, and table tents that identified the teams will be removed. Any flags that are raised will be removed and placed on the table. If any white boards need to be erased or any dry erase markers need to be replaced, do that also.
Spell Checkers
Each Spell Checker will be assigned to a team table. With each round they will sit in a chair in front of the table and check the spelling of the word displayed by the team. Spell Checkers will be equipped with an Official Word List for each round. As they check the spelling they will mark their tally sheet with a √ for correct and an X for incorrect. They should give a thumbs up/down to communicate with the team. After the PowerPoint word reveal is projected and the Judge says, “score your team,” the Spell Checker can walk over to their team’s table and raise one of the flags if the team’s word is spelled incorrectly. After the round is complete, Spell Checkers can stand and stretch and then get organized for the next round by placing the next tally sheet on their clipboard. Give all completed sheets to the Competition Coordinator.
Set Up-Clean Up
These volunteers will prepare the space for the event. Fold t-shirts, set up selfie-station, place literature on chairs, hang banners, arrange chairs, etc. At the end of the night they will assist with getting all the props and materials packed up.
Competition Area