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Congratulations on being invited to attend Governor's School. Our goal at the Governor's School Foundation is to make sure that no student ever has to turn down an invitation to Governor's School for financial reasons.

What Do I Need?
The scholarship application itself is very simple - you will just need to ensure you have the correct information ready to use.
You, the student, will be asked for:
  • Your contact information
  • The academic or artistic area (Area I) in which you have been nominated to Governor's School
  • Your family's total adjusted gross income (AGI) from your 2022 Federal income tax return (We understand that families may not have completed their 2023 taxes, so we ask for the 2022 numbers.)
  • The number of people (adults and children) in your family
  • Whether you are related to any of the members of the GS Foundation Board (This does not disqualify you, it simply means that those members will be asked to recuse themselves from any decisions about your scholarship application.)

You will also be asked to allow the Foundation to share your contact information with our donors if they request it.

For additional information see the Financial Information FAQ page on

Questions: Send an email to

Please follow all instructions carefully.  

Contact Information


Select your Area of acceptance.

Family Financial Information

We recognize that your 2022 AGI may not be representative of your current financial situation, especially as a result of the pandemic.  

If the income reported above is not reflective of your family's current financial situation, you may enter a different total income below, and explain the difference in the space provided. Differences that we will consider include, but are not limited to, the following.  

1) Loss of employment, or of any source of income that was included in the 2022 tax return.
2) Change in the family's marital status.
3) Death of a parent/guardian.
4) Family medical costs greatly in excess of insurance coverage.
5) Loss of a home, including moving expenses.
6) Legal issues leading to high costs of litigation or legal fees. 

This includes the parents/guardians and all children who receive at least half of their support from the income listed above:

Conflicts of Interest

GS Foundation Board of Directors:


  • Edward Bradley, Atlanta, GA
  • Maggi Chambers, Washington, DC
  • Dan Clodfelter, Charlotte, NC
  • Lee Conner, Burlington, NC
  • John Dervin, Durham, NC
  • Nancy Dudley, Hickory, NC
  • Ryan Fischer, Charlotte, NC
  • Henry Foust, Pittsboro, NC
  • Rosalyn Frazier, Charlotte, NC
  • Chris Hendel, Durham, NC
  • Chuck Hensey, Raleigh, NC
  • Jody Joyner, Raleigh, NC
  • Kristen Kubitz, Fort Mill, SC
  • Will Lloyd, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Michael McElreath, Carrboro, NC
  • Ashley Perkinson, Raleigh, NC
  • John Russell, Asheville, NC
  • Kim Thore, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Morgan Topol, Durham, NC
  • Kristen Ward, Durham, NC
  • Hope Williams, Raleigh, NC
Terms of Award

The organizations that provided funding for these scholarships may require that we share information about the recipients. Additionally, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will be notified of scholarship recipients. The Governor's School Foundation will share the following information with each donor and DPI:  

  1. The name, address, phone number, campus attended, and academic or artistic area of each student receiving a scholarship.  
  2. Aggregate and summary information about the financial status of the scholarship recipients, but not detailed information about any individual's financial situation.
By selection "yes," you also grant permission to the Governor's School Foundation to release the information described above to the donor organizations and also understand that those organizations might use this data to conduct research and track recipients after completion of the program. **If you do not answer "yes" to this question, you cannot receive a GS Foundation Scholarship.**