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AAR Cape Coral

Keep Lee County Beautiful Adoption Program Application

Program Highlights:

  • Volunteer groups commit to a two year agreement
  • City may erect a medium sign recognizing the volunteer group's efforts
  • KLCB will provide safety vests, trash bags, gloves, litter sticks and buckets
  • Trash collected by the volunteer group will be collected at a consolidated location (if necessary)
  • Volunteer groups pick up litter a minimum of four times per year
  • Volunteer groups help create a cleaner, more Earth-friendly, Cape Coral

Program Guidelines:

  • Roads adopted muct be a city maintained road (not private)
  • Volunteer groups may work anytime between one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset, seven days a week
  • Volunteers must be 12 years of age or older
  • Cleanups must be coordinated in advance with KLCB
  • Volunteers under 18 years of age must be under the direct supervision of the group leader or the group leader's adult designee
  • Cleanup documentation must be submitted to KLCB within one week of the cleanup

Volunteer Group Responsibilities:

A. Reporting Collection Activities

The volunteer group leader shall contact KLCB at least one week prior to the cleanup date and provide the following information (if the collected litter will be left on site...if the group plans to remove the litter then no notice is needed):

  • Group name
  • Proposed date of cleanup
  • Proposed time of cleanup
  • Expected number of volunteers for the cleanup
  • Name of road scheduled for cleanup

B. Supplies and expectations

  • Safety vests, litter sticks and buckets are a one-time issuance
  • Trash bags and glvoes will be provided by KLCB, as needed, after the initial issuance
  • All volunteer participants shall wear KLCB provided safety vests AT ALL TIMES, during cleanups. Volunteer participants shall employ safe practices in carrying out their work, using common sense, and remaining safety conscience AT ALL TIMES.
  • The group leader shall advise KLCB in the event the volunteer group disbands or no longer can fulfill the obligations of the agreement

Keep Lee County Beautiful Responsibilities:

Upon approval of the adoption applicatoin, the City of Cape Coral may erect a sign indicating the name fo the group providing service. KLCB will provide safety vests, gloves, trash bags, litter sticks and buckets for volunteer participants of the program.  These items may be picked up by the volunteer group's leader at our office located at 1415 Colonial Blvd #2, Fort Myers, FL  33907, Monday thru Friday, between the hours of 8-3 after coordinating the efforts with a KLCB representative at (239)-334-3488. Safety vests, litter sticks and buckets shall be kept by the group's main contact person for distribution at all future cleanup events as they will only be issued once by KLCB.

If no cleanup has taken place in a six month interval or if no annual update of contact information has occurred KLCB reserves the right to consider the Adoption group as being disbanded or inactive.  Subsequently, the volunteer groups adoption sign will be removed. 

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