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"Early in my career as a peer recovery specialist - I met a young mother who continued to use drugs while pregnant. She was crushed that she was unable to be the mother to her newborn son that she wanted to be. Together we set recovery goals. As the months went by, she began to achieve them. I felt so proud of her. Each day, she diligently walked her path to recovery. It led her home to her boy. I'm grateful to her. She showed me that with love, compassion, and understanding, anyone can recovery. Thanks to her, I work from my heart. I love this work!" - Kevin Monterio, RICARES Senior Peer Recovery Specialist

Everyday, friends of RICARES - people just like you - show us that they believe that recovery is possible. They generously donate what they can so that together we can help people recover and help families heal.

If you believe that recovery is possible, I hope that you will please be a voice for recovery and give today in support of our critical life-saving work. Every single gift we receive provides vital support in our efforts to help people and their families recover from substance and alcohol use disorders. Your gift - of whatever amount you chose to give - will make an impact.


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Make a donation to us in honor of someone—to celebrate a birthday, wedding, holiday, or another special occasion—or in memory of someone. If you wish, you can announce your gift with a social media post or have RICARES send a notification by mail.

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