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O'Dea High School's Letterman Fund is used to advance O'Dea Athletics.  It will make our program stronger, safer, and ensure our athletes will compete with honor.  The athletic program is an extension of the school's mission; participation prepares our young men to be men of Character, Faith and Service.

The O'Dea Letterman Fund can be used to: 
  • Enable our athletes to travel to top national tournaments and summer camps to build skills and team unity.
  • Ensure our student-athletes receive the most appropriate training so they can compete safely in their respective sports. 
  • Provide coaches and athletes video analysis tools used for game planning, game execution and improved athletic performance.
  • Enhance streaming to being the O'Dea Gameday experience to our entire community. 
  • Provide athletic equipment that increases our athletes safety and develops their performance. 

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