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Oct. 23rd - ReForest Rimrock to Riverside

The Inland Northwest Land Conservancy has been so lucky to have such a strong conservation and land-loving community behind us. Our community has shown up for us in many critical ways, but most notably at our Rimrock to Riverside project area. Our friends, donors, and volunteers donated their time, funds, and advocacy to get the land conserved and cared for. And now we’d like to connect with you all again on the land in celebration of our work together and our Conservation Futures nomination with ReForest Rimrock to Riverside Day!

The Rimrock to Riverside property is playing host to this year’s ReForest Spokane Day (this year, called ReForest Rimrock to Riverside Day), and we’ll be partnering with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Land’s Council to plant 2,000 native trees and shrubs on the Rimrock to Riverside property!

Come join us to celebrate the land and give back to it a little more with this planting project, which has been designed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to benefit wildlife, water quality, and water storage in the Rimrock-Palisades area.

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We are partnering on this event with The Lands Council. They host great volunteer events throughout the region and would love to be able to contact you about those opportunities. May we share your email address with them?