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#B232 Soap Making

soap by Jane Hill

Saturday, April 11th

Join the fabulous Jane Hill, creator and owner of Harley's Soaps for this exciting workshop.  For the first time ever, our soap maker extraordinaire will offer her diverse knowledge as participants choose between making fragranced soap for use by humans, OR, choose to make a batch of cade soap.

For Human People:

Jane will teach you how to make cold process castile soaps.  She will walk you through each measurement and mix as you choose from a huge variety of lovely fragrances and colors.  After learning the ticks of the trade, you will take home

  • An informational pamphlet
  • 6 bars of your very own soap! (a $32.00 value!)
  • A soap bar mold to keep forever and ever to make your own soaps for years to come.
  • A new skill and the memory of a great experience!

Or For Our Furry Friends, you can learn to make pet soap

You can choose in this workshop to learn to make soap for your pets.  Safe for all mammals, cade soap is a powerful skin cleanser.  Especially great for animals suffering from mild skin conditions, this soap is safe for use of all furry friends.  (Please remember that we are not doctors and you should consult your veterinarian with any safety concerns).

There is a 6 person max. For this class, allowing lots of individual attention for participants, but advance registration is a MUST!

This is an adult workshop, but minors 13 and older can attend if accompanied by an adult and must pay registration fee. (A great activity to bong with your teen!)


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