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GSA 2.0: Mapped: Analyzing Land and Housing Trends in Lexington

Join Fayette Alliance for our first GSA 2.0 of the year, “Mapped: Analyzing Land and Housing Trends in Lexington”. This free community event invites elected officials, community leaders, and residents to learn more about our new research. This GSA 2.0 will be hosted at the Farrish Theatre in the downtown Lexington Central Library on Tuesday, March 5th from 5:30-7:30pm.

Lexington is at a crossroads, and our community deserves answers to important questions before deciding which path to take.

“How much land is available for development within Lexington’s historic Urban Services Boundary?”

“Where is it located?”

“What is its current zoning?”

“What kind of housing types are we building, and what kind do demographics and demand tell us we need?” 

Fayette Alliance is releasing two new research studies that answer these questions and more. Combined, this research provides the most up-to-date information on land use, development, and housing needs in Lexington-Fayette County that is currently available. 

Learn from and speak with the two firms who conducted the research for these studies — Lord Aeck Sargent, a nationally-recognized urban planning firm, and KB Advisory Group, an Atlanta-based real estate and economic development firm.


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