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Register for Earth Day Romp, April 13th 2:00-4:00PM


WHAT: Earth Day Romp, Playing, impriovising, expressing in community to be more like nature!

WHEN: April 13th 2:00-4:00 PM

WHERE: Missoula Public Library, Copper Space A

WHO: all ages, all genders. 

Meet at the Library, Copper Space A on the third floor. If the weather is nice, be prepared to cruise to Kiwanis Park to play there. Bring a water bottle. 

Experience a unique way to connect with the deeper meaning of Earth Day. 

Play and improvise with poetry, dance, and theater to help us be more like nature.

Explore ways in which we can help our Earth thrive in times when no solution feels enough!

Led by Penélope Baquero from ecosapien evolution

Stay tuned for details or e-mail Penélope Baquero at if you have any questions. 

Thank you!