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Wine & Cheese Stop 2024

Deadline to register is Wednesday, July 24th! Pleaes be sure to read the guidelines and general information provided before you register. Click here if you need to review them again. 

Do you have multiple businesses in the District? Please complete one form for each business, separately. 

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Griffin, Executive Director of the Hammond Regional Arts Center at or at (985) 542-7113.

Merchant Information

In order to participate as a stop on the Wine & Cheese Stoll, your brick-and-mortar business MUST be located within the Hammond Downtown Development District? (Unsure? Click on "District Map" at to see if your business is located within the green district .)

As it should appear on Hot August Stroll event marketing.

Please provide your Facebook and Instagram handles, if applicable. Separate with a coma.
My brick-and-mortar business is located within the Downtown District, but not within walking distance of the event. I will be functioning as a "Pop-Up Business" during Hot August Stroll. (Be sure that you have reviewed the guidelines for Pop-Up Businesses, section 2 of the Merchant Registration Guidelines linked above.)

Contact Information

The following contact information will be kept confidential.


Best daytime phone number


Please click the appropriate selection. When you do, you'll be given the option of selecting additional cases. If you would like us to provide a wine bottle opener, whole punch (for participant punch cards) and toothpicks for your cheese when you pick up your wine and cheese, please add the new "Convenience Package" for just $8.00 more.
We cannot make any guarantees, but we will take your preference into consideration if the selection from the distributor allows. Selection preferences will be based on the order in which Merchants submit this form. What type of wine would you prefer?
The DDD is making a basket full of fun swag and gift items from Downtown Merchants as a drawing for Wine Stroll participants! This is a great advertising opportunity for you. Would you like to donate an item(s) to the raffle basket?
The DDD will follow up with more details.

Terms & Agreements

Please refer to the participation information provided on our website for more details on each of these agreements.
I have read and understand the Hot August Stroll merchant participation guidelines. I understand that it is my responsibility to communicate any questions I may have. I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to pick-up and properly store my wine and cheese at the designated time. Furthermore, during the event, I agree to properly pour a 2-ounce sample of my wine to guests who can prove they have paid for a ticket and have had their age verified. I understand that I may verify that they are over 21 years of age.
I have read and agree to the Hold-Harmless Clause included in the information packet provided on the event webpage.
I have read and agree to the information in the Permits and Safety Section of the information packet provided on the event webpage.
I have read and agree to the Inclement Weather Clause provided in the information packet on the event webpage.

For promotions, upload your business logo here or email it later to Please provide a high-resolution logo with a transparent background, if possible.