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Patapsco Days-Collecting and Preserving Patapsco Stories


PHG is pleased to have been awarded a Voices and Votes Electoral Engagement Grant from Maryland Humanities to support our “Collecting and Preserving Patapsco Stories” workshop. The Saturday, March 27 virtual workshop will be led by PHG Executive Director Aaron Shapiro and will focus on best practices for oral history, including conducting oral histories virtually, community archiving, and inclusive practices in oral history. Oral history provides a means to capture voices that often do not appear in the written record. This collaborative community project is guided by the principle of inclusiveness and civic engagement.

The workshop will explore using oral history to gather stories about voting rights and experiences. Whether or not you plan to join us for the workshop, we encourage you to contribute your voice by responding to the question, “What does your vote mean to you?” You can do so in audio, video, and/or written format. We welcome and encourage contributions from everyone across the Patapsco Valley--long-time voters, first-time voters, those who have never voted and individuals who are unable to vote.

We believe that engaging the full range of diverse voices and perspectives in our communities helps construct a more inclusive story of civic participation that fosters engagement in the present.


What does your vote mean to you?

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