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Let SICSA Neuter Your Ex!

Let SICSA neuter or spay your ex (kind of)!

For a donation of $50, SICSA will name a "feral" cat after your ex and spay or neuter them through our Trap, Neuter, Return, Monitor (TNRM) program!

Spay/Neuter procedures are an important part of controlling community cat populations. By donating, not only can you feel cathartic in getting a bit of playful revenge on a less-than-pleasant ex partner, you can also help our local cat populations become more manageable and prevent unwanted litters!

*SICSA’s TNRM program is for all outdoor, unclaimed community cats, regardless of whether or not they are considered “feral”.


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Why cover the 3% processing fees?

When you cover the 3% processing fees, you allow SICSA to use your full donation. That small amount can help us do things like provide a day of dog or cat food for a pet in our shelter!