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Share Your Passions!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Freedom Project volunteer! We would love to know what you are interested in, what you have a passion for, or where you like to share your talents.

A staff member will follow up with you regarding next steps. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail

Contact Information



Please specify any specific organizations, classes, etc. you may have heard about Freedom Project from.

Emergency Contacts

Volunteer Interest, Skills, & Availability

Must be over the age of 21; previous felony conviction may impact eligibility to volunteer inside the prison.
Reentry allies are matched with participants inside to help create a plan for successful reentry upon release. Must be over the age of 21; previous felony conviction may impact eligibility to visit inside the prison.

In particular, please share any experiences in facilitating, prison work, or personal practice of Nonviolent Communication and/or mindfulness. List any related certifications as well.

Ex: Mornings, evenings, weekends, Monday & Wednesday evenings, etc.

Other Information

Please note: Conviction history may impact eligibility to be a prison volunteer (per Department of Corrections policy). However, this information will not impact eligibility to volunteer with Freedom Project in general, and is necessary to document due to the organization's activity within Washington state prisons.

Freedom Project volunteers are AWESOME. This community work depends on the time, energy, and contributions of volunteers. We want to be able to provide appreciation that can be heard and received. Please let us know how YOU like to receive appreciation.

Publicity/Photo Release

Freedom Project wants to honor how you would like your image and voice to be used in Freedom Project and the broader community.

You have the right to withdraw consent at any time. You may revise your permissions here. Please allow us 72 hours to remove images or recordings of you.

New volunteers are asked to electronically sign the acknowledgement of this agreement during the orientation process (along with the Confidentiality Agreement and Acknowledgement of Handbook Receipt). 

We like to acknowledge our volunteer in these weekly communication. Volunteers are also encouraged and welcome to submit their own articles for this e-mail!


Please answer as accurately as possible in regards to how you identify. Your honest input will help us better understand who we're serving and who else might benefit from our programs.

If you use gender pronouns not included in the list above, please identify those here.