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Sponsor A Child

Opéra Louisiane’s Young People’s Opera Program is taking professional opera performances into the East Baton Rouge and West Baton Rouge public schools.   

These interactive programs are designed to not only give students the opportunity to learn about opera and music and but also introduce them to possible careers available to them in this field.  Additionally, students develop story-telling skills as they help create the opera story.   

Also critically important is the mental health of our children. Since COVID-19, anxiety disorders among children have doubled. Between their social isolation and lack of stimulation, children have really suffered. pe The YPOP stives to positively impact our children’s mental health by offering this unique opportunity to help children reconnect and create joy. 

Given the importance of programs like this, it is our goal at Opera Louiusine’s Young People’s Opera Program to ensure these mentally enriching and high quality educational  programs continue to be offered at no charge to our public skills.   But to do so, we need to help of sponsors like you.

Please help us achieve our goals by donating $25 to sponsor a child.

 Individuals who donate each year receive the benefits of being a member of one of Opéra Louisiane’s societies. Here you can make a one time donation, or schedule an automatic monthly or annual donation.


Visit to learn more about Opéra Louisiane's societies.


*Membership status is determined by total donations over the past 12 month period.




•$10 monthly donation

achieves Aria Society status.

•$25 monthly donation

achieves Operetta Society status.

•$50 monthly donation

achieves Baroque Society status.

•$100 monthly donation

achieves Lirica Society status.

•$150 monthly donation

achieves Lirica Society status.

•$250 monthly donation

achieves Intermezzo Society status.

•$500 monthly donation

achieves 397 Society status.


*Society status listed above achived after 12 consecutive monthly donations of that donation amount. Ending monthly donations or changing monthly donation amount could result in society level changes.

Please tell us how you prefer your name to be listed, including a spouse or partner's name, family, etc.

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