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                                   Mentorship Program Application

The purpose of this application is to better pair mentors and mentees in order to experience spiritual, professional, and relational growth.

We ask for your commitment to meet with your group once a month for the 12 months following the Oak Project semester start.

There is a $50 program fee for mentees accepted into the program. If the cost is prohibitive, please apply and let us know in the application comments. 

Contact Information


If so, you only have to fill out the required fields on this application.

This question is meant to help us better engage churches and communities. The Oak Project Mentorship Program seeks to serve all Christian believers.

We want to be completely transparent about the expectations we have as you commit to a mentoring relationship with the Oak Project.  The following are a series of commitments we ask of you in order to help each and every group experience life-giving growth.