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Thank you for your interest in joining the Equine History Collective!

Your membership and support are greatly appreciated. We face general operating expenses to run the website and subscribe to software for back-end administration. We also seek to make tech upgrades to help the organization run smoothly and offer additional programming. Finally, we incur expenses to make our conferences the best they can be: catering, A/V, honoraria, travel grants, and more. Your membership will help us grow and prosper! 

Members benefits include: 

  • Reduced conference admission
  • Voting rights
  • Members-only digital events
  • Eligibility for a #MemberMonday profile on the EHC website (click here for examples)

The membership levels are: 

  • $50 - Individual
  • $25 - Reduced - for students, the underemployed, and retired. If you have questions about your eligibility, please e-mail us at secretary[at]equinehistory[dot]org. 
  • $75 - Individual sponsor - Choose this option if you would like your EHC membership to include an additional donation that goes towards supporting EHC administrative software costs, technology upgrades, and conference expenses.
  • $90 - Institutional- for instance, libraries, archives, museums, and breed organizations. Institutions will get one vote at the annual meeting and two member-rate tickets for representatives to attend the annual conference. 

Membership lasts for a year from the date of payment. 

Note: Being included in the list of equine-history researchers on the EHC website does not require membership, and being a member does not require being publicly listed as a researcher. Use the contact page  to request your listing.

You may pay by credit or debit card. The default payment system is Stripe; you will have the option to switch to PayPal, if preferred. If you enable an anuual donation schedule, your membership will be recurring, and your payment will automatically process yearly from the date of original payment. You will receive a reminder before this occurs. 


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Please let us know the institution you represent. Your institution will receive one vote at the annual meeting and two member-rate tickets for personnel to attend the annual conference.
(These emails are distinct from blog post notifications. All members will receive emails confirming payment and about renewal.)
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