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Enchanted Forest Donation

Enchanted Forest

What Your Donation Supports

Enchanted Forest is Turning the Wheel Missoula’s annual fundraising event. Hosted the weekend before Halloween, it is an alternative to both the traditional Halloween experience and fundraising model. The goal of the event is to host and magical and artistic evening that excites people of all ages while raising money to support our mission.

The event hosts guest performers, local artists guiding maker’s stations, art installations throughout the venue to enjoy and interact with, and volunteers roaming the space dressed as enchanted, forest characters. In previous years we have relied solely on ticket sales and fiscal sponsorships to host the event. This year we are expanding our model to include drink sales, a marketplace, and possibly raffle prizes. 

Enchanted Forest will support TTWM’s work in the community. We bring body based life skills for self awareness, self care and self expression. In our programs, we explore leadership, collaboration, learning through physical activity and stress relief. Like good nourishment to growing brains and bodies, Turning the Wheel Missoula supports students and their mentors to evolve into healthy, engaged community members!

Turning the Wheel Missoula is dedicated to fostering the social, emotional and physical health for all through movement and creative expression.


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Sponsors are listed in our monthly newsletter in the lead up to the event, advertised on our social media, and prominently displayed and mentioned during the event itself.