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Interested in becoming a Strides Sponsor? THINK of the possibilities & direct impact that your sponsorship will bring! 

Equine Sponsorship
$2,500 - 1 yr
Keep program horses well maintained and cared for. Ensuring they are in optimal health both mentally & physically, allows them to perform at their best for their clients.
Arena Banner Sponsorship
$825 (4x4)  $975 (4x8) - 3 yr
Maintaining center grounds and facilities is important to our participants and herd as safety is a top priorty. This sponsorship will also help add to the sensory trail so we may add more elements for our participants to explore.
Program Sponsorship
$1,000  - 1 yr
Provides some financial assistance to participants that otherwise could not afford therapeutic riding services and employ highly-trained instructors & staff. This sponsorship will also help secure funding for updating equipment or adding new elements/toys to all the programs.
General Sponsorship
$500 - 1 yr
As Strides continues to grow and expand its services, so does the need for increased financial support. This sponsorship helps cover a broad range of needs that include but are not limited to, emergency vet visits, general operation costs, and help build funding for Strides future.
Not finding something that fits your desired giving? We have several areas that could use your support. Please contact our Event & Partnership Coordinator for full details of other options at

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