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Fall Fest Friday Chili Cook-Off Registration



  1. ENTRY FEE ~ $50.00 ~ One entry per contestant, one entry per team.
  2. Limited to the first 20 teams that register.
  3. CHILI COOKED ON SITE - These items are provided for each team:  30 qt. pot, burner, propane, electricity, judges cups, and tasting cups.  Any other cooking items will be up to the teams to provide.  All chili must be cooked from scratch on-site, the day of the cook-off. All chili must be prepared in the open. Meat may be cut up prior to start of the contest.  All teams may set up and begin cooking at 4 p.m.  Vegetables may be prepared in advance. 
  4. CHILI COOKED FROM SCRATCH - "Scratch" is defined as starting with raw meat, which may be cut up prior to the contest. Commercial chili powder is permissible, but complete commercial chili mixes ("just add meat" mixes that contain pre-measured spices) are NOT permitted.
  5. TEMPERATURE - Chili must be kept at a minimum of 140 degrees and covered with a lid when not serving.  Each team is responsible for their own thermometer.  
  6. CHILI COOKER SITES - The head judge has final say over space assignments.
  7. SANITATION - Cooks are to prepare and cook chili in as sanitary a manner as possible. INSPECTION OF COOKING CONDITIONS - Cooking conditions are subject to inspection by the head judge or his/her designee.
  8. ONE CHILI PER COOK - Each head cook is REQUIRED to prepare a minimum of three gallons of chili that he or she intends to be judged and turning in one judging cup from that pot. Cooks are encouraged to have more than the three gallons to better their chance of winning. No more than one judging sample can be taken from anyone pot.
  9. PROTECT THE JUDGING CUP - Once judging cups have been issued, each head cook is responsible for his or her judging cup. Cooks must not remove or tamper with the numbers on the outside of the cups. Any marked or altered cup must be replaced prior to turn-in or it will be disqualified.
  10. JUDGES’ FILLING CUPS - Cups will be filled 3/4 full.
  11. CHILI TURN-IN - Chili will be turned in at the place and time designated at the cooks' meeting or as otherwise designated by the head judge.
  12. JUDGING CRITERIA AND SCORING - A single score takes into consideration the five criteria for scoring chili: Aroma, Consistency, Red Color, Taste and After Taste.  Judging will begin at 8 p.m.
  13. DECORATIONS - Contestants are encouraged, not required, to name their chili and decorate their cooking area to reflect that name.
  14. PEOPLE'S CHOICE:  Tickets will be given to each patron to vote on their favorite chili.  Each team will turn in their tickets to the head judge by 7:30.  

For additional questions, please contact the Chili Cookoff Chair, Jason Hawthorne at 713-819-2528.

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