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12.23 Painting Group Show Member Sign Up

December 1st- December 27th Group Show

Evanston Made Members Group Show: All Members Call for Works Made with Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastels, Gouache 

Evanston Made invites members to submit one painting each that showcases painting techniques using Acrylic, Gouache, Oil, Pastels, Watercolor.

For this group show, the focus is the medium, highlighting the breadth of talent and subject matters of our members who paint.

This Group Show will be hosted at the new exhibition and gallery space at Over the Rainbow’s, Gallery OTR. Evanston Made is renting the gallery space during December and January to host Group Shows, events, workshops and more. 

Evanston Made has hundreds of members who paint and therefore we ask that you don’t submit work larger than 4’H x 4’W. Contact us to inquire about size limits at (

Each member is invited to submit one painting and we have requirements on timeframe when submitted works must have been made, in the last 24 months. We want to feature new works that haven’t been exhibited with Evanston Made before. 


To cover some of the costs incurred hosting this Group Show (marketing, refreshments, rental fee, etc) Evanton Made takes 30% commission from Art Sales. All art submitted to this Group Show must be for sale.

Please make sure that your Evanston Made membership is current.  If you are not sure, please email



Deadline to sign up: 11.13.2023

DEADLINE: ALL WORK must be entered into by November 25th to be a part of the promotional campaign.

All work in the Group Show will be featured and highlighted online and on our website.

Requests for more work will be based on available space and sales during the month.

Fee for participation $25 to help cover promotional and rental expenses.

Drop off date Thursday, November 30, 4-8p

Join us for the Opening Reception, Wednesday, Dec. 6, 4-7p, RSVP here

Volunteer schedule will also be included in confirmation.

Full calendar of events and details will be posted in the Member Services page on the webiste. 

(PW: EMMscoop)



Contact Information

What work will you be submitting to the Group Show?

Please confirm that Price listed matches what you have entered into

Please submit Photos appropriate for PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES. 1 of work submitted for hanging