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Every adoptive and foster family is going to get the help they need

No more waiting lists. No more traveling. Competent help that really helps....that is our goal but we need you to make it happen. 

Forever Homes would like to provide or pay for the training for 4 new therapists to provide services in Southeast Washington. They will be certified in attachment therapy and trauma informed therapy so that they will be equipped to provide services for foster and adoptive families. In exchange, they will agree to:

  • Serve adopted and foster children for at least two years
  • Accept payment from all insurance companies INCLUDING MEDICAID
  • Give back the entire cost of the training to adoptive families in the form of forgiveness of copays and coinsurance (essentially having Forever Homes make those payments on behalf of adoptive families). 

Did you catch that? Every dollar given to Forever Homes for this purpose gets used twice! Once to train competent and effective therapists, then again to provide financial relief to adoptive families.

Additionally we are creating a weekly training for providers credentialed by the National Board of Certified Counselors so that therapists throughout our region can receive their required continuing education requirements while learning how to best help children heal. This training will be open to providers of all types so long as they work with foster and adoptive children and accept Medicaid. 

We can provide the initial training and certifications for the first four therapists AND create the ongoing weekly training for $33,720. That’s $33,720 that will be given back to adoptive families like yours over the next 12 months. 

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