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I Want to Read The Rainbow With OUT Maine!

This form will allow your library to be placed on our waiting list for book sets. *If you are a librarian that oversees multiple libraries, please fill out this form for each individual library that you would like to receive book sets, as the mailing addresses will be different*


Select a Bookset

Please indicate, in order of preference, which booksets by grade-level you would like. We will send you your first choice book set and after all libraries that have requested book sets have recieved their first order, we will return to the list and send out the book lists marked as your second choice.  If we continue to receive donations, we will continue this through the third and fourth choices on everyone's book lists.

We may have opportunities to share information/photos about this program with media outlets and/or the press. Please indicate whether or not we can share that your library has participated in this donation event and received a book set.