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Class of 2021 General Release of Liability

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In consideration of my voluntary participation in Leadership Pasadena, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, I release Leadership Pasadena, its directors, staff and/or volunteers of any claims, damages, lawsuits or liabilities resulting from my participation in the Leadership Pasadena Program.

If accepted into the Leadership Pasadena program, I agree as follows:

  1. I am participating in the Leadership Pasadena leadership program of my own free will, without promise, expectation, or receipt of remuneration.

  2. I understand and agrees that it is possible that I may be injured or otherwise harmed during volunteer service due to accidents, acts of nature, the volunteer’s negligent or intentional acts, or the negligent or intentional acts of others; that while Leadership Pasadena has taken steps to reduce the chances of injuries or harm to volunteers, that Leadership Pasadena has no control over most risks, and, thus, cannot and does not guarantee nor take any responsibility for the safety of the volunteers or the volunteers’ property while the volunteers are engaged in volunteer service; and that I must take full responsibility for myself and assume the risk of harm or damage while serving by taking all necessary and reasonable precautions and acting in a manner that will help protect me and my property.

  3. I agree to waive and release Leadership Pasadena from any and all potential claims for injury, illness, damage, or death which I may have against the organization that might arise out of my service and to hold Leadership Pasadena harmless there from.

  4. I agree and understand that injuries or losses to others, such classmates, may occur as a result of a volunteer’s negligent or intentional acts during volunteer service, and that to avoid such harm, I must exercise care and act responsibly in serving others.

  5. If any injury or loss to another does occur due to my intentional actions or due to my negligent actions arising outside of the scope of my Leadership Pasadena activities, I accept the liability for and repair, or make reparations for, the harm done.

  6. Leadership Pasadena is not providing me with insurance coverage for any injuries, conditions, or losses arising out of volunteer activities. Since volunteers are not employees, Leadership Pasadena does not provide workers’ compensation coverage for injuries or illnesses to me arising out of volunteer activities.

  7. I must maintain my own primary medical insurance to cover potential medical and other costs related to my volunteer service. All costs for injury or loss above the coverage provided by my insurance are my personal responsibility.

By signing below, I confirm that I have carefully read and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and am signing of my own free will.

This document may be signed digitally, and this digital signature shall be binding as if executed with an original signature been affixed hereto.


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