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Make a Difference Once Lunch at a Time

Our Bunches of Lunches program is all about lending a helping hand to combat hunger in our community. Whip up delicious bagged lunches, either individually or in groups, and drop them off at one of our community collection locations or directly with our nonprofit partners.

Each week we donate the meals to those in our community that could use the extra support. Join us in making a difference – one lunch at a time!

What to Include

In each bagged meal, please include:

  1. Sandwich: PB&J or lunch meat
  2. Fruit: Fruit item or fruit cup and spoon
  3. Snack: Individually wrapped chips, pretzels, granola bar
  4. Water bottle

Plan Your Dropoff

Use the form below to register to drop off your meals at one of our community collection locations. To drop off directly with a nonprofit, please contact Kate Kirby at Kate will match you with the best fit for your meals and provide delivery instructions for a seamless drop off.

To get started, register your bagged meals here:



We recommend a minimum of 5 if you are delivering directly to a recipient organization
No collection week of February 19— Sign up for Muffin Madness!

Please refer to our FAQ Page. If we have not answered your question, please feel free to write it here. We will happily get back to you during our normal business hours, M-F between 8:30-5:00.

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