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Torah Rental

Rental Process
  • Torahs can be rented for up to two weeks at a time. The cost is $300 for a weekend rental and $500 for a 2-week rental. Payment is processed through this online form.
  • SF Hillel owns three Torahs (pictures below). You can choose to rent the small, medium, or large Torah based on your preference.
  • When you come to pick up the Torah you must submit a fully refundable $1,000 damage deposit check. If there is no damage to the Torah, the check will be returned to you upon your drop-off date.
  • The Torah can be picked at the SF Hillel house located at 33 Banbury Drive, San Francisco, CA 94132 10:00-4:00 Monday - Friday. 
  • Someone will reach out to you shortly after you inquire to confirm your pickup date and availability.

For more information, you can contact us at or call at 415-333-4922.

Contact Information