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2017 Classes and Events
Come out, create something, and let your inner artist loose! Instructors will vary month to month to lead you in a mixture of creative activities. Except for our January class (which happens the third Thursday, 1/18), our Altered Artist workshops happen the 2nd Wednesday of each month, begin at 7:00 PM, and cost a small charge of $5.
Enjoy a night at the movies at TDLC. Munch on some popcorn and be whisked away by our featured film and then engage in a discussion afterwards. If you’re not into that movie, then enjoy a game. Whether you like to be strategic, silly, or somewhere in between, we'll have something you'll enjoy! These meet the third Friday of every month at 6:45, and are free of charge.
This is a meet up practicing laughter as a tool to reduce stress. It is without charge and lasts from 7:00 - 8:00 PM on Tuesdays.
Looks like you could use a laugh and maybe something to nosh on? Join our Artist in Residence Sonial Slankard as we giggle, hoho, and haha once a month as we practice new techniques from laughter yoga and improv to reduce stress at this hilarious networking lunch. We hold Laughter Lunches the third Thursday of every month at 12:00 PM, and they cost a small cover charge of $5.
Rad Readers is our monthly book club. Every month they read a book by a powerful female author because let's face it: we read enough men in school. It’s time to make room for the Matriarchy. Rad Readers meet the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM.
This semester, we're excited to host two lectures delivered by authors in honor of Black History Month. We are also thrilled to have local experts willing to have two panel discussions on workplace diversity and the cultural impact of music, respectively.
Do you need to finish a scarf, socks, maybe crossstitch a sassy saying on a pillow? Then come knit, pearl, crochet, cross stitch, or sew during our open lab studio hours. There will be a demonstration at every meetup so you can learn something new or fine tune your skills. The Needlecrafters kicks off this semester with TDLC's annual Knit-a-thon on February 11, and continue to convene the second Saturday of every month at 11:00 AM.
Now that you've found the job opening that you want, how do you prepare for it? Get resume writing and interviewing tips from a human resources professional with 16 years of experience. (Free of charge.)
Aimed at remedying the ailment of generational poverty, this series of 12 workshops will address important financial topics. Adults and teens encouraged to attend. Classes meet from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Learn crucial skills that will help you to take charge of your financial life in this six week series of classes.
A series of 4-week classes offered on Wednesdays from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. These introductory classes will provide students with the basics of each program, so no worries if you're a beginner! (Free of charge.)
Art at TDLC!
The art lab is open! Every Tuesday and Thursday* come work on pieces of your own and let your art flag fly. Different days provide different focuses. During each open lab a demonstration will be done so that you can learn a new skill or refine your own. At the end of each semester we will display the pieces created in an annual art appreciation night.
On Tuesdays, supplies are available for watercoloring, painting, drawing, collage, etc. There are tons of items to repurpose and reuse in a variety of ways. (Note: You don't have to commit for all the Tuesdays in a given month, it's just to give us an idea of how many people to expect on a given day.)
Each week (except for the third Thursday of every month) the lab is set and open for clay work! Tables will be set and materials available for experimental exploration of ceramics. You can even sign up for the pottery wheel for an hour at a time. (Note: You don't have to commit for the whole month, it's just to give us an idea of how many people to expect on a given day.)
STLCC Course Offerings
We're proud to have a great relationship with the St. Louis Community College, and continue to offer many of their great classes at our facility. To register for any of these classes, fill out STLCC's Registration Form:
Sunni Shi’a Divide (March 14)

Though the subject is abundantly more complex than the space of two hours can unravel, please join us to dampen our feet to the intricacies of the Sunni/Shi'a divide. Critical to our understanding of the Muslim world, classifying these two groups will require an examination of politics, geography, history, religion and culture. We'll explore the schism within Islam that created these groups, sources of and exceptions to their mutual hostility, the structural specifics of each and the impact of their rift on modern international relations. Normal cost is $29 and for adults 60 and over, $23.00.

Making Sense of the Middle East Today (April 5, 12, 19)

In this class we will explore and discuss the development of Israel from the 1920s to 1948, the Cold War "push and pull" in the area, the issues of oil and water, the history behind the "unnatural" boundaries drawn by outsiders on specific nations and conflicts and divisions within Islam. These, and other topics, will shed light on our study of making sense of the Middle East today. The regular cost for the class is $45, and the cost for adults 60 and over $30.00.

UMSL Extension Food Preservation Class: Jams & Jellies

Are you interested in making jams and jellies? This workshop will teach participants how to safely prepare canned goods, in particular jams and jellies. Participants will engage in a hands-on activity making a spiced blueberry jam and will learn how to properly can the jam at home. The class takes place on Saturday, February 11 from 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM and participation costs $15. Sign up through UMSL Extension with this link by Thursday, February 9th.